Freemind Bibliography Extract 0.6

[This entry is now deprecated, please see Thunderdell (Freemind Extract).]

I am releasing versionĀ 0.6 of the fe mindmapping bibliographic tools. As explained in Extracting Bibliographies from Freemind, these are python scripts that are able to convert between Freemind mindmaps (using a few simple conventions) and bibliographic formats (i.e., CSV and bibtex). It also makes it very easy for me to search my notes and quote authorsĀ  (e.g., “Giddens”). There are no massive changes, just the usual tweaks and bug fixes. One notable change is the regular expressions in are much improved, and it’s quite uncanny at extracting bibliographic keys of the form ‘Snide and Smith (2003)’ or ‘(Snide, Smith and Smittie 2004)’ from natural language text.

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