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2005 Jun 10 | Mindmapping Bibliographies

[This entry is now deprecated, please see Thunderdell (Freemind Extract).]

I am releasing a new zipfile of the fe mindmapping bibliographic tools. As explained in Extracting Bibliographies from Freemind, these are python scripts that are able to convert between Freemind mindmaps (using a few simple conventions) and bibliographic formats (i.e., CSV and bibtex). This approach is preferable to other bibliographic tools with limited/constrained forms for text entry. With fe one has a complete outline/map of texts, with figures, images, tables, links to sites, etc.; one can easily organize texts by topic or in separate mindmap files; and one can generate queries where each matching line has its appropriate citation with year and page number (e.g., "Giddens"). Unlike many bibliographic tools, it does not query on-line databases, but one can use such tools (e.g., tellico or refworks) to query and generate bibtex bibliographies and then use to convert them to a mindmap.

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by Joseph Reagle