Previous Dissertations

I spent some time at the library looking for Media Ecology dissertation among the mob of the education and nursing volumes. I started at 2003 and managed browse back to 2001. Apparently, Neil Postman and Jonathan Zimmerman were the committee machines, generating quite a lot of PhDs. I noted the following Media Ecology dissertations and methods:

  • Tropp, Propaganda As A Public Service. Included 3 case studies.
  • Kelso, Advertising as a Social Gospel. Multiple interviews.
  • Hibbert, The Contribution of the Dime Periodical to the Radical Discussion Canon. Historical.
  • Domine, Hacking Through the Billboard Jungle. Qualitative, focus groups, and transcripts of dialog.
  • Cogan, Wired Words: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the PC and Internet. Historical frame analysis.
  • Bauman, Talking Toward One America. President’s Initiative on Race. Historical frame analysis.
  • Sternberg, Misbehavior in Cyber Places. Taxonomy, patterns, regulation.

Sternberg’s dissertation looked at Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and seemed particularly relevant (Boyum, Postman, and Strate were the committee members) to me; it seemingly relied heavily upon Goffman’s Behavior in Public Places and Meyrowitz’s No Sense of Place. I need to follow up further with that dissertation and its references.

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