Upgrading to Pyblosxom 1.0

Upgrading my pyblosxom install can be a bit tricky:

  1. `kdiff3 pyblosxom.cgi \~/data/2web/reagle/joseph/pyblosxom.cgi`
  2. `kdiff3 config.py \~/data/2web/pyblosxom/web/config.py`
  3. copy files from the new version into the existing install making sure to remove files no longer necessary and keep my own plugins and lucene install etc.,
  4. Get the flavourdir tweak from CVS and copy to pyblosxom/Pyblosxom/renderers/blosxom.py
  5. I used to be able to set the default py[‘parser’] = ‘textile’ and it would would with “.txt” files, no longer works, and since there’s only a few I rename them to “.txtl”
  6. How do I get rid of the automatically generated “\<h2>Thu, 27 May 2004\</h2>“?

    Generate an empty file: `echo >> date_head.html`

  7. When I create a comment, the comment is created but I get an error:

    “2004-05-28 13:55:35,982 INFO Couldn’t open latest comment pickle for writing”

    but it’s now logged and doesn’t throw an exception.

  8. Trackback has changed! Remove the trackback.cgi file and rely upon the pybloxsom.cgi (renamed to blog) handler by moving to a trackback URI of the form https://reagle.org/joseph/blog/trackback/…

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