Two Little Ideas for Pyblosxom

  1. Create a format for txt/html entries in which I can include the trackback URLs of those sites I want to send a trackback ping to when I publish it. For example:

    <p class="trackback-ping"> </p>

    These wouldn’t be shown in the formatted entry, just used for the ping. (Wari’s already covered some of related ground, I’d just like it integrated into the entry. Wari suggests creating a flavour akin to blosxom that allows one to add URLs to an entry.)

  2. I keep a “mini-log”, akin to what most bloggers do. (My entries are more subsantive, and the trivial stuff I log to a private web page.) It’d be neat if I could have a mini-log on the blog with those links. Wari has suggested Wills pystatic. This would show the log entries, but of course wouldn’t syndicate or archive them.

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