Pyblosxom Autoping

I recently re-discovered Sam Ruby’s automatic trackback scipt for pyblosxom entries and made some tweaks for my own purposes:

  1. Permits paths/categories, the original did not make use of them.
  2. Grabs configuration information from the pyblosxom file.
  3. Works with my htmlentry plugin.

Unfortunately, I noted — too late — that an also comes with pyblosxom, which includes some of Wari’s tweaks for caching, so that’s three variants! Oh well, perhaps someone will have some time to re-factor the best of each.

Ported/Archived Responses

Sam Ruby on 2004-02-13

You might want to uncomment out the call to pingback three lines from the bottom - I had “temporarily” commented that line out while testing, and apparently forgot to reenable it.

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