Underground Culture's Uncertainty Principle

This morning I was talking with my friend Nora about a conversation over style and culture in a recent Mark Crispin Miller class. As presented in Merchants of Cool, as soon as the mainstream picks up on a cultural trend, it kills the authenticity of it. She likened it to something we were discussing with our friend Ian last week about quantum cryptography and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, where:

“Typically photons are put into a particular state by the sender and then observed by the recipient. Because of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, certain quantum information occurs as conjugates (superposition) that cannot be simultaneously measured . Depending on how an observation is carried out, different aspects of the system can be measured – for example, polarizations of photons can be expressed as any of three different types: rectilinear, circular, and diagonal – but any observation (including by any eavesdropper) changes the values of the conjugates. Thus, if the receiver and sender do not agree on what basis of a quantum system they are using as bases, the receiver or eavesdropper will destroy the sender’s information without gaining any useful information, and, depending on the protocols being used, may betray his/her presence.” - Wikipedia

Youth/underground culture is like the photon’s state, once viewed by the mainstream, the mainstream’s hand is betrayed and the cultural authenticity destroyed.

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