Factoids for Wikipedia

As I wrote in the post “Not notable: Dead to Wikipedia,” I was disappointed with the quality of my biography on Wikipedia, but (aside from creating an infobox) I abstained from editing it myself; in 2015 it was deleted for lack of notability. In thinking about this, I realized this was related to something I’ve helped others’ with. Years ago, it was not uncommon when speaking about Wikipedia for people to tell me their biography was wrong or lacking and to ask me what could they do? They didn’t want to get in trouble. I replied they did have to be careful as this could be seen as a Conflict of Interest. Typically, I’d offer to fix it if they could provide a source for me to cite, even if this meant them creating an ad hoc webpage. Today, I see dealing with articles about yourself is relatively well thought through:

Very obvious errors can be fixed quickly, including by yourself. But beyond that, post suggestions on the article talk page, or place {{adminhelp}} on your user talk page. You may also post an explanation of your concern on the biographies of living persons noticeboard and request that uninvolved editors evaluate the article to make sure it is fairly written and properly sourced. Please bear in mind that Wikipedia is almost entirely operated by volunteers, and impolite behavior, even if entirely understandable, will often be less effective.

My bibliographic tool Thunderdell supports the Wikipedia {{sfn}} format, so it’s a trivial thing to export my CV for easy Wikipedia use. On my user page Bio-factoids I’ve listed facts and sources that could be of use in a biography should it ever be reconstructed.

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