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One of the [[Indo-European]] languages, brought to Greece by the [[Achaeans]] around 1700 BC.  Originally there were a variety of spoken dialects, most notably [[Ionian]] and [[Dorian]], but during the hellenistic period the mixing of peoples led to the devlopment of a common form called koinĂȘ.  From this descended the Greek that was the official language of the [[Byzantine Empire]] and finally the modern Greek of today.

Greek is famous for its ability to precisely specify syntax - for instance, it has several dozen forms of the definite article (or so I am told).  A large of number of words in [[English language|English]], [[Latin language|Latin]], and so forth, come from Greek.  Would it be a good idea to list some common root words (oligos, morphos, etc) on a [[/Lexicon]] page for reference to?