Preface to the Web Edition
1 Nazis and Norms
  The Vision
  The Encyclopedia
  The Community
  The Culture
 This Book, in Short
2 The Pursuit of the Universal Encyclopedia
 The Index Card and Microfilm
  Paul Otlet and the Universal Bibliographic Repertory
  H. G. Wells and the “World Brain”
 Digital Computers and Networks
  Project Xanadu
  Project Gutenberg
  Distributed Encyclopedia
  The Web and Wikis
 Conclusion: Predicting the Future, Reading the Past
 A Timeline of Events
3 Good Faith Collaboration
  A Caveat about Collaborative Culture
  Wiki, Practice, and Policy
  Wikipedia Policy, Guidelines, and the Five Pillars
  Neutral Point Of View and Good Faith: An Example
 The Epistemic Stance of Neutral Point Of View
 The Intersubjective Stance of Good Faith
  Assuming the Best of Others
4 The Puzzle of Openness
 Open Content Communities
  Transparency and Integrity
 Discussing Openness
  Can Anyone Really Edit?
  Interfacing with the Outside World
  Enclaves and Gender
5 The Challenges of Consensus
 The Case of Disambiguation
 “Rough” Consensus
 Deliberation and Openness
 Time and Precedence
 The Facilitator
 Polling and Voting
6 The Benevolent Dictator
 Authorial leadership
 Wales and Sanger
 Wales’ influence
 Beyond the Founders: Admins, ArbCom, and the Board
 Discussing Leadership
7 Encyclopedic Anxiety
 The Normativeness of the Reference Work
 Bias: Progressive and Conservative
 Criticisms of Wikipedia and “Web 2.0”
  Collaborative Practice
  Universal Vision
  Encyclopedic Impulse
  Technological Inspiration
8 Conclusion: "A Globe in Accord"
References & Endnotes