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The following list shows hits from Google over the past couple of days.  In other words, what did people who found us from Google look at?

  16    RosaParks
  10    ThomasEdison
   7    RoseParks
   3    WikiWiki
   3    NewZealand
   3    BillClinton
   2    ThomasReid
   2    PhiloSophy
   2    OldTestament
   2    FilmHistory
   1    TheRecorder
   1    StandardPoodle
   1    ScienCe
   1    RhodeIsland
   1    RationalNumbers
   1    PitcairnIsland
   1    PhilZimmermann
   1    JavaJini
   1    JarsOfClay
   1    GeorgeWBush
   1    FidDle
   1    EuroCurrency
   1    CommonSense
   1    CoBoL
   1    BoMis
   1    AustraliA

These might be priority pages for improvement?
Odd you should mention hits from Google. I was looking thru my stats today and noticed a hit from [ Google] It was to the Wildlife Ring but gave me credit. :-) 
Is someone looking for me? Seven searches? RoseParks
One major flaw in my study is that it doesn't correct for unique ips.  It looks like one person clicked through the same link 7 times, I believe. 
The fact that these particular pages are so popular might be related to the fact that, for whatever reason, people are mashing *these* particular words together when they search using Google.  When we've converted our links to [[free links]], and Google has picked up on this, then [[What Google Likes]] will be much more interesting. -- [[Larry Sanger]]