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You can find new wiki pages by going to "Recent Changes," which is at the top and bottom of every wiki page. 

Here are a few more new topics, or at least, they were new when whoever it was typed them in: 

PhiloSophy -- MuSic -- FootBall -- TheBible -- TheKoran -- IrishTraditionalMusic --RoseParks -- ThomasReid -- NupediaWikiFaq -- WikiWatcher -- WikiPedians -- MathematicalGrouP -- GoD -- BokoNonism -- MappinG  -- ErnestHemingway -- AxiomOfChoice -- WolfgangAmadeusMozart -- PoliticalSpectrum -- JapanConstitution -- CambodianLanguage -- AndorrA -- AnnaKournikova -- TestThreePhasePumps -- ActorS -- ActresseS --CorinneLightweaver --:[Sufism]
It'd sure be nice if this page could be autogenerated...  It list topics that fit the following criteria:
* Newly created within the past week, and...
* Contains at least 1k worth of text (a dozen lines or so, not just a "stub" entry), and...
* Has fewer than 12 total edits (else it's already popular, and not really "new")
-- Bryce
Great idea, although I'd favor only the first two criteria myself.
What you really want is a "Recent Changes" page reformatted in a slightly different way.  All the information you specified is already present in Recent Changes, just perhaps not formatted in the way you like.  The point about fewer than 12 total edits may be a bit misguided though - formatting on the Wiki is not as intuitive as we might like to think, sometimes it takes 4-5 "edits" just to get it right for the first time.  You may want to say something like "4 or more edits by different people" or something like that.