Wikipedia 10K Redux by Reagle from Starling archive. Bugs abound!!!

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You can find new wiki pages by going to "Recent Changes," which is at the top and bottom of every wiki page. 

Here are a few more new topics, or at least, they were new when whoever it was typed them in: 

PhiloSophy -- MuSic -- FootBall -- TheBible -- TheKoran -- IrishTraditionalMusic --RoseParks -- ThomasReid -- NupediaWikiFaq -- WikiWatcher -- WikiPedians -- MathematicalGrouP -- GoD -- BokoNonism -- MappinG  -- ErnestHemingway -- AxiomOfChoice -- WolfgangAmadeusMozart -- PoliticalSpectrum -- JapanConstitution -- CambodianLanguage -- AndorrA -- AnnaKournikova -- TestThreePhasePumps
It'd sure be nice if this page could be autogenerated...  It list topics that fit the following criteria:
* Newly created within the past week, and...
* Contains at least 1k worth of text (a dozen lines or so, not just a "stub" entry), and...
* Has fewer than 12 total edits (else it's already popular, and not really "new")
-- Bryce
Great idea, although I'd favor only the first two criteria myself.