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A wiki is an easy to create website using a lightweight syntax—such as markdown—for specifying things like images, links, and headings. Markdown is simple text, easy to read and write, supported by many editors, and can be mixed with HTML when needed (such as to embed a Youtube video). It’s used on sites like reddit and Tumblr.

Go to TryScribble.com to create your own wiki.

  1. Sign up (remember your username and password).
  2. Click the small icon next to your wiki’s title.
    • Rename your wiki, note this changes the URL of your wiki as well. I recommend you not use your name or personally identifiable information.
    • Make the wiki publicly viewable.
  3. Read about basic markdown syntax (video tutorial) and edit your Home page to your tastes. For example, try linking to a website and embedding an image and Youtube video. For example:

    [Joseph's tweets](https://twitter.com/jmreagle)


    <iframe width="560" height="315"
    frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  1. Create your first wiki assignment page, “0 - Markdown and wiki,” and briefly reflect on the reading while using headings, links, images, and videos. This isn’t graded, but it is required so that I can give you feedback and help. It does not count toward your five reading responses. Ultimately, you will have eight pages: see my own example wiki pages.
  2. Email me your assignment: include cda-r in the subject, include the <link> to your page, followed by the markdown.

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