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A mindmap is a diagram used to convey relationships between things, often concepts.

To construct a mindmap:

  1. First, brainstorm for a few minutes, writing down terms, phrases, and people that are most important.
  2. Choose a model that you best believe captures the relationships, such as a web, events chain, spider map, or tree. Don't worry too much about choosing or staying within that model.
  3. Sketch out a diagram with the central idea first, then add words, phrases, and people connected by lines and arrows.

Example: Media Industry

Here's an example of the media industry. It is a (mostly) a hierarchical tree with some links showing more complex relationships.

Source: Dan G

Example: Semiotics

This mindmap (freemind; flash; HTML) is used to portray theories of meaning, from Grossberg et al. (2006) Media Making: Mass Media in a Popular Culture. Note that it is structured as a tree or outline.

Source: Barkley (2010). SET 16: Team Concept Maps

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