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Post-test Analysis

Students that wish to understand poor test performance and improve in the future should meet with the instructor with the following materials.

  1. Your study and preparation materials, such as class notes, exam preparation materials (such as mnemonics, flash cards, example questions).
  2. Answers to the following questions:
    1. Prior to beginning the exam, how did you think you would do?
    2. Immediately after you took the exam, how did you think you did?
    3. Were these expectations matched by actual performance?
    4. Rate your effort in studying for the exam on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).
    5. List the specific learning strategies you used to study for the exam (e.g., memorized definitions through flashcards, rewrote and reviewed lecture notes, creating outlines of the reading assignments, and so forth).
    6. For questions that you got wrong:
      • What kind of question was it that you got wrong (i.e., using Bloom's taxonomy)?
      • What was the source of each question (book, lecture, homework assignment)?
      • What could you do in the future to be better prepared for this type of question?

Source: Barkley (2010). SET 44: Post-test Analysis; SET 45: In-class portfolio.

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