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Without speaking the class must decide upon the largest classroom on the floor (or building) within 10 minutes. You may write on paper or the chalkboard.

Communication and leadership

This exercise prompts thinking about the relationship between communication, leadership, and organization. There are three stages. In each stage you will:

Select a number (e.g., the last, and second and the third to last digits of your phone number) and then find those that have selected the same number; order yourselves (clockwise) around the room with group 1 starting by the front door.

The three iterations of the exercise, each with a different number, are:

  1. You may speak.
  2. You may not speak; find a way to appoint a leader to help you coordinate and arrange yourselves
  3. You may not speak and need not appoint a leader.

What was each of the iterations like? What factors affected how well you could complete the task? What differences were there between the iterations?


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