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Essay Checklist

Sometimes we are presented with dispersed and complex requirements. Consequently, it is useful to make one's own checklist, collecting and prioritizing those requirements.
In the past you may have been asked to jump through a hoop. But as you mature you will be increasingly asked to assess a field of hoops and figure out which hoops are important and how to most efficiently move through them. Developing a checklist for any particular assignment or task is one way to do this.
To get to the moon, NASA gave astronauts checklists built into the cuff of their spacesuits. We are only now starting to use checklists in healthcare and it is saving thousands of people and millions of dollars.

The following is written from the perspective of a group exercise but can also be done alone.

  1. Divide into three groups based on these items:
    1. Writing requirements in the syllabus
    2. Writing rubric on engagement, understanding, and writing.
    3. How to write a strong essay (from earlier courses).
  2. Document 5-10 key checkpoints and document on the black board. (~5m)
  3. Share with class.

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