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Making Sense of Concepts

In this course we will encounter varied scholars, concepts, theories and arguments. Unlike in mathematics where 2+2=4 our topic and methods are not amendable to such clarity. While a textbook definition is a useful starting point, most all endeavors (be it scholarly or entrepreneurial) undertake to build and improve upon what came before. Hence, while an author might provide us with the concept we must appreciate it is made:

Asking these questions is a critical step toward truly understanding something and a big step towards making your own contribution. Hence, when presented with a concept we should ask about:

For example, we might analyze Ilana Gershon’s notion of "second order information" in Breakup 2.0 as follows.


concept: second order information

"refers to the information that can guide you into understanding how particular words and statements should be interpreted" [@Gershon2010b2d, p. 18].
"is not what is actually said but rather the background knowledge of the situation and expectations of communication that allows one to interpret the words" [p. 123].
discipline: communication
context: online community
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