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Choosing a Topic

I often assign class essays that are fairly open-ended. If you need help settling upon a topic, please consider the following:

  1. Review your class and reading notes (or responses) which should be a a repository of potential ideas.
  2. Consider provocative, intriguing, or contentions stories that have been in the news.
  3. Brainstorm a number of (provocative) arguments you could make as you research and think about your topic.
  4. Review the class objectives from the syllabus.
  5. Write a proposal for (at least) yourself and (perhaps) share it with the instructor that identifies:
    1. what is the topic?
    2. what argument/thesis are you likely to make?
    3. what concepts/readings from class will you make use of?
    4. what external readings (if appropriate) will you make use of and are they appropriate to your topic?


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