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Mnemonics and SRL

Mnemonics help you associate something you want to know with something you already know (or something that is easier to know, like a rhyme or silly sentence). Spaced repetition is an effective learning technique by which you fix something in long term memory by recalling it at spaced intervals—just when you are about to forget it. These help your knowledge and comprehension of material, which serves as a foundation for the higher level cognitive skills.

You are to take advantage of these techniques to create a deck of your own.

  1. Accumulate at least 30 important items (concepts, people, or events) encountered throughout the course. This will test your ability to assess the relative importance of course material.
  2. Invent mnemonics for some of your items to help you remember them.
  3. Incorporate the items (and any deeper elaborations or mnemonics) into the spaced repetition application. SuperMemo has lots of good tips on how to formulate your entries.
    1. Anki has free desktop, mobile and Web apps that are all kept in sync. (Every version except the iOS app is free; only the desktop version can export.)
    2. You may use an alternative app if you can export the deck and send it to the instructor as a simple text file. (Quizlet and StudyBlue are popular; you need Quizlet Premium to use spaced repetition; I don't think StudyBlue offers spaced repetition.)
  4. You should develop and make use of this throughout the course; on the due date, copy the text of your deck and paste it into the body of an email to the instructor; it is okay if the formatting is ugly. Only the desktop version of Anki can export a deck, as shown in this video.

This assignment will be assessed on the basis of:

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