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Ad Blocker

Ads on the Internet are pervasive. While some argue that blocking ads is depriving financial support to the sites that you read, others argue that they can choose what to view on their device. In this assignment I want you to learn how to install an ad blocker and experience what it is like to browse a saner Web. Whether you continue to use it is up to you!

  1. Install a Web browser ad-blocker and review some of your favorite sites.
    1. Chrome: AdBlock (Safari too)
    2. Firefox: Adblock Plus
    3. Internet Explorer: I do not recommend use of this browser and do not know of a well regarded ad blocking plugin.
  2. Take a before and after screenshot of a site that demonstrates the difference. For instance, you may use the top portion of <http://slashdot.org/>, as is done below.


Ad blocked

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