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Case Study - Individual

Your goal in this assignment is to answer the following four questions about the case reading using (a) notes from class discussion, (b) information ascertained from the readings, (c) information (and examples) gathered from the case study itself, and (d) your own intuition and organizational experiences:

I recommend you marshal all class concepts so far, and then read the case and take note of any possible application or example germane to those concepts. Then use this to inform your essay. For instance, you might make use of:

1.theories of organizational communication (e.g. Scientific Management, Organizational Culture, etc.) to help explain the communication between and among management (e.g. those in high Naval positions) and employees (e.g. those in lower Naval positions).

  1. organizational paradoxes (see textbook p. 206-208).
  2. norms that were helpful or unhelpful in the unfolding of this case.

Be sure to cite specific examples from the case study when answering all of these questions.

You assignment will be graded according to the writing rubric; also see writing class essays.

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