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Berkman report

I am sincerely grateful for the time I spent at Berkman. In addition to the general culture of exchange (e.g., lunch talks, fellows hours, and retreat), I benefited from the ability to launch Good Faith Collaboration, which has been well received with 20+ reviews, from reputable journals (Computing Reviews, Journal of Communication, Law Library Journal, Social Force, etc.) to popular Web sites (Boing Boing, TheAtlantic.com, Wikipedia Signpost, etc.). I've also been working on the book's CC-licensed digital edition (September 2011). An additional publication from this year is a contributed chapter to Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader.

In terms of active research this year I helped launch and facilitate Berkman's Wikipedia Reading Group and List. I also furthered my historical research on Wikipedia, including a reconstruction of Wikipedia's first edits from 10 years ago. However, most of this year was focused on gender and free culture. My article on Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica is now pending publication and my argument on "Free as in Sexist?": Free Culture and the Gender Gap is under review. Coincidentally, this topic received quite a lot of news coverage over the winter.

Finally, I've been able to germinate a number of new research ideas, including my approach to research on plagiarism and Wikipedia production. Also, I continued to advance and support Thunderdell, a suite of mindmap bibliogrpahic tools; and significantly extend and take up maintenance of mw, a version control system interface for editing MediaWikis.

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