What's up with comments?

Joseph Reagle

While comments can be


I have discovered that you click menu briefly while your music is playing, a menu option cycle mode comes up wherein you can change to random playback. (Great (2011))


The key to being a good beta reader is to maintain an attitude of friendly helpfulness. You are there to help the writer, and politely tell them what worked, or didn’t work for you as the reader. (Nitid (2001))


“Angle Was Wrong” Was Wrong: I can’t believe anyone could be so inept as to think that they couldn’t slice their bananas because they bent “the wrong way.” All that person has to do is to buy the model 571C Banana Slicer that is for bananas that bend the other way. Although I prefer left-bending bananas, I got both the 571B and the 571C so that when shopping, I don’t have to have the hassle of finding bananas with the correct polarity. (Madison (2012))

They can also be


Am I ugly?


your not only ugly but your black too wtf nasty.


Lots of haters here. I hate Adams for his success too. But some factual clarifications are in order… As someone mentioned, he has a certified genius I.Q., and that’s hard to hide. (Scott Adams, aka plannedchaos (2011))

And not worth it

  • Boing Boing in 2003

  • The Washington Post in 2006

  • Engadget in 2010

  • Popular Science in 2013

  • Lawrence Lessig in 2009

  • Dave Winer in 2012

What to do?

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