In a values in technology class we are reading The Ruination of the Tomato. The class discussion is lamenting the sorry state of the modern tomato, and I responded as such:

You don’t *have* to buy those tomatoes: you can buy “on the vine” tomatoes for $3.99/lb, the cruddy “red” ones cost $0.99/lb that’s a fourth of the price! So how do you keep discussions like we’re going to be having from slipping into “oh, this is so terrible, everything should be like X”, where X is your preference or childhood memory? Can we do more?

Which brings me to my theory of selecting cherry/grape tomatoes: I believe much of the taste in a tomatoe is in its skin, consequently smaller tomatoes have a higher surface area to volume.

Kramer, Mark. “The Ruination of the Tomato” In Controlling Technology: Contemporary Issues, W.B. Thompson (eds.) Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1991, 131-141

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