Thunderdell screencast

I finally got around to doing a screen cast of Thunderdell and BusySponge. I’m presently in the process of moving to support YAML/CSL exports as well.

Thunderdell (Freemind extract or ‘’)

Would you like a bibliographic system that was a simple and powerful complement to the way you take notes? The Thunderdell scripts are intended to make sure the important task of engaging a text is not hindered by bibliographic constraints. Using the power of the FreeMind (0.7) mindmap application you can quickly tag and outline a source and trivially indicate annotations, paraphrases, and excerpts with simple keyboard shortcuts; you can outline, link to Web resources, and include images and tables – really, anything you can do with a mindmap and HTML. The underlying data is accessible XML and Thunderdell transforms this into the open biblatex bibliographic format (an update to the BibTeX standard).

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