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Now that I’m back in school, one of the things that would be terribly handy would be a flashcard/quiz type application that could extract it’s questions from a mindmap. That way I enter and organize my information, and then can use the appropriate methods to improve retention. This might require that I organize the mindmap in such a way that this relationship could be easily extracted; I need to give more thought to that.

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Joseph Reagle on 2003-09-06

Hi Andreas, my course listing can be seen at https://reagle.org/joseph/2003/08/registering-nyu . Oddly enough, I’m presently most into the Socialization class. One class starts off reading Marx-Engels, and then moves on to a bunch of French philosphers, not something I’m excited about.

andreas on 2003-09-05

What is your list of course this semester?

andreas on 2003-09-06

hey joseph,

don’t let those french filosofers get ya’ down.

since you were interested in grokkin’ the way I go about learnin’. I made this:


This is what I do when I start off a new semester. To help put all this bidness in one hizzhouse (sorry just spent some time at urbanslang.com). Over time each class breaks off like a rhizome and grows into its own mini-ecology. blah blah blah…The links offer overviews or summaries of various works and theories. I also included some links on generating the big BAD THESIS! May it soon be published.

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