Help with teleonomy

While grading papers I noticed that a student referred to the Wikipedia definition of teleonomy, a concept I have discussed in class, with a quotation that I found contrary to my own understanding: “teleonomic process, such as evolution…” I thought, “whoa!”, evolution is not teleonomic and the version of the Wikipedia article I had referred the students to did not say as much. Turns out, the student used the current version of the article, which has been greatly expanded, a good thing, but in a way contrary to my understanding. (The lesson for the student will be, as I told them, they should only use Wikipedia articles as authoritative, when they use the specific versions I have vetted. Otherwise, they should be used as a non-authoritative (starting) source, backed up by an authoritative source.)

In any case, I ended up falling into a rabbit hole of posting a massive comment about my concerns with the article, but now need to get back to grading papers! Are there any “philosophers of science” out there, that are not grading papers :-), and would be willing to contribute to the article were discussion?

Comments !