Good Faith Collaboration in Paperback


I’m pleased to announce that there’s one more way to enjoy Good Faith Collaboration. If you still like the feel of paper but $25 is too much you can now have a copy of the paperback for under $15. Happy page turning!

Ported/Archived Responses

Benjamin Mako Hill on 2012-10-04

How about a DRM free ebook that pays you and your publishers? The Kindle version comes with DRM, for example.

This seems pretty silly both because the book is available without DRM online and because MIT Press has to pay for the DRM. It’s clearly the default, but you should talk to your publisher/editor about not distributing works like yours under CC licenses with technical restrictions that make those theoretical freedoms/rights unworkable.

I want to buy ebooks and I want to supports authors and publishers. But I don’t want support DRM in the process.

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