Critical Point of View Conference

Last week I traveled to Amsterdam to participate in an interesting conference on “Wikipedia and the Politics of Open Knowledge.” Videos of the presentations and panel discussions are now available. The video of my talk and its description on Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Anxiety are below:

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Joseph Reagle (USA) Wikipedia and Encyclopedic Anxiety from network cultures on Vimeo.

The way in which Wikipedia is collaboratively produced has caught the attention of the world. Discourse about the efficacy and legitimacy of such a work abound, from the news pages of the New York Times to the satire of the Onion. Building on the literature around controversies surrounding other reference works, such as Harvey Einbinder’s The Myth of the Britannica and Herbert Morton’s The Story of Webster’s Third, Joseph Reagle makes a broader argument that reference works can serve as a flashpoint for larger social anxieties about technological and social change. With this understanding in hand, he tries to make sense of the social unease embodied in and prompted by Wikipedia relative to technological inspiration in knowledge projects.

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