Results of the Fall 2003 Semester

This semester’s work is now complete! Getting registered and acclimated was non-trivial, but the deliverables for the classes I ended up in are below:

  1. E59.3001 Seminar (Syllabus)

    • Midterm: Marxist terms, Piaget, and Mauss.
    • Final: Castorides, Anderson and Jameson, and Paul Stoller.
    • Notes: collection of my and other students’ notes.
  2. E38.2007 Media Criticism (Syllabus)

  3. G93.2211 Socialization (Syllabus)

  4. Independent Study

This work was done with the Freemind mind mapping tool, a python script that extract bibliographic information from mind maps, that can then be used with

Next, to converge on a S‘04 curriculum!

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