Pelican with pandoc and cache

I use pandoc—and its flavor of markdown—to create my webpages, slides, PDFs, and Word files. Ironically, the only place I don’t use it is here, on a markdown-based blog, where I have been stuck with Pelican’s more limited markdown parser.

Fortunately, the pandoc-reader plugin is now good enough. This entails a speed hit, but I can turn on pelican’s cache—new to me—and in sum it’s faster than before with more functionality!

I can include footnotes1, citations (Giddens 1979), and tables:

Demonstration of simple table syntax.
Right Left Center Default
12 12 12 12
123 123 123 123
1 1 1 1


The one hitch is that you have to convert your markdown files with pelican metadata to pandoc YAML metadata. I wrote for this.


Giddens, Anthony. 1979. Central Problems and Social Theory: Action, Structure and Contradiction in Social Analysis. Berkeley: University of California Press.

  1. Your foot is noted.↩︎

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