Mead Releases New Notebook

If only I had something like this while working on the dissertation!

… “We here at Mead understand that as students get older and wiser, they need notebooks with increasingly narrow lines,” Mead CEO John A. Luke told reporters. “In college, people are at a stage in their education where they require 9/32nds of an inch between each line, which is why we make college-ruled notebooks. But I think we can all agree that grad school is a completely different world than college: a world where 9/32nds of an inch is simply too much room.”…”How can we expect graduate students to learn to gather information and construct knowledge independently within their specialized field of study using college-ruled notebooks?” he added. “These students need a narrower-lined notebook, and at long last, they have it.”…”Just think: If you are writing a dissertation on elements of thanatopsis and necromimesis as they relate to cacaesthesian themes of mid-20th-century Irish literature, do you really want your notebook lines to be more than seven millimeters apart?” Luke said. “Of course not.”…”Gone are the days of graduate students having to tediously pencil in new lines between each existing college-ruled line just to make the notebooks usable,” the press release read in part. “And with the time you’ll save by not having to flip a page every 33 lines, you could earn your Ph.D. a year early.” (The Onion)

Ported/Archived Responses

Joseph Reagle on 2008-04-14

I liked it because it was mocking me :) I continue to use marble composition books in most of my writing and often spend too much time preoccupied with selecting notebooks, pens, and papers!

Kat on 2008-04-12

I think this is mocking people who will 1) spend too much time in school, and 2) trek to multiple office-supply stores in one day just to find some looseleaf narrow rule paper (yes, narrower than college rule), and I’m not sure I like it!

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