Writing: Essay Proposal Example

Joseph Reagle

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A new language of love has emerged—one of “swiping right” and “matching”—and it is transforming how relationships form….

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I will argue that social media hinders, rather than facilitates, the formation of relationships…


I will explain the types of people who use online dating apps and their motivations. Furthermore, I will review studies about how online dating can lower self-esteem and deter people from using interpersonal communication skills to start and maintain relationships. This is complemented by concerns that prior investigations of a potential partner’s social media can be detrimental to trust in online-started relationships.

Support 1

In “Love me Tinder” Sindy Sumter, et al. (2016) explore the characteristics and motivations behind people who use Tinder…

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How, then, do Tinder’s users’ sleuthing affect the trust they are likely to build? According to Jennifer Gibbs, et al. (2001), Googling does reduce uncertainty about the identity of the partner but can also cause a couple to skip important moments of self-disclosure and therefore decreasing intimacy….

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These sources will allow me to show that social media does not benefit the formation and success of relationships. Rather, it leads people to avoid face-to-face interpersonal communication. Uncertainty and discomfort are a part of forming relationships, and social media should not be used as a shortcut to bypass awkward or uncomfortable situations.