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2011 Feb 15 | Comparative "gender gaps"

How do different language versions of Wikipedia fair with respect to the gender gap? (As was recently asked on the gendergap list.)

My preliminary tabulation (of data from DaB via Brandon Harris) is below. It appears a lot of Russians gender declare. One of the odd things with the survey from which the famous "13%" is derived is how many Russians participated. Maybe they are less than shy in identifying themselves with Wikipedia?

en      :  2.01% declared: 233312 M; 46973 W; W are 16.76%
de      :  3.47% declared:  35726 M;  4800 W; W are 11.84%
fr      :  2.16% declared:  18556 M;  3054 W; W are 14.13%
commons :  2.26% declared:  27980 M;  5070 W; W are 15.34%
sr      :  2.66% declared:   1666 M;   414 W; W are 19.90%
ru      : 16.80% declared:  80491 M; 23750 W; W are 22.78%
pl      :  3.64% declared:  12106 M;  2999 W; W are 19.85%
nl      :  2.92% declared:   8977 M;  1781 W; W are 16.56%

I've also heard it said that the Japanese Wikipedia is characterized by a lot of anonymous contributions because of issues of power distance and face. I wonder if this would also relates how many people there declare their gender? I'll post an update if I get that data.

Posted by GerardM at Tue Feb 15 16:12:41 2011
The reason why so many Russian females identify as such? It should be obvious. The Russian languages addresses women differently and this is what MediaWiki does in Russian.

I am sure that when anonymous people can make this choice it will become even more popular,

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