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2012 Sep 19 | “404 Not Found”: Infocide in Open Content Communities

The initial draft of “404 Not Found”: Infocide in Open Content Communities is available. I welcome comments here, or via email.

Abstract: The term infocide, and related neologisms such as cybersuicide, are identified and distinguished as a type of cyberlanguage. The complexities of infocide are then explored in open content communities with respect to reasons, enactment, and community reactions. I find that infocides are often prompted by the exhaustion of maintaining an online life, by discontent towards an online community, and over privacy concerns that one’s real and online identifies have intersected. Community responses are also varied: infocides might be ignored, lamented, sleuthed, and mitigated by preserving content that was taken down.

Open Communities, Media, Source, and Standards

by Joseph Reagle