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2011 Oct 14 | Feedback Inaugural Talk

On Friday I’ll be speaking about my new research project on communicative feedback:

The goal is to explore a premise that an under-appreciated aspect of contemporary life is the ubiquity of communicative feedback. At the interpersonal and group level I will explore how people perform and make sense of the giving and receiving of feedback via ethnography and interviews. Specifically, I hope to learn from communities with different cultures of feedback, such as a writing group, design studio, software collaboration, or a classroom. This will be complemented by a concern with how comments, ratings, and reviews pervade our contemporary media experience though sites like Yelp and TV shows like American Idol. How might we frame this shift historically and is it for the better or worse?

My slides for the interACTIONS event are below.

Open Communities, Media, Source, and Standards

by Joseph Reagle