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2005 Sep 28 | Writing Ethnography

The Professional-Lurker mentions Tales of the field: on writing ethnography (Van Maanen 1998), which I highly recommend for "practicum" reading. I'm presently reading another good book in the same series Writing ethnographic fieldnotes(Emerson, Fretz and Shaw 1995).

Posted by Prolurker at Thu Sep 29 18:59:27 2005
Writing ethnographic fieldnotes (Emerson, Fretz and Shaw 1995)is a very good book I read it some time ago and know I need to go back and reread it now that I have more experience under my belt.  I also learned a lot about writing Ethnographic fieldnotes at the Ethnographic Division's Pre-Conference before last year's National Communication Association Conference in Chicago.  I'm looking forward to this years Pre-Conference in Boston on "Historical Ethnography: Bringing Cultures from the Past into the Present through Archival Resources" (  I hope to walk away with new tools that will help in my ethographic work online.

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