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2005 Sep 30 | Results as of Fall 2005

I'm now in my third year at NYU; the first and second year exams are done, and after this semester I will have satisfied my course requirements. (This semester I'm taking methodological courses including ethnography, history, and statistics.) The outstanding item, then, will be the completion and approval of my proposal -- which will also include finding a third member for my committee.

The majority of my efforts are focused on the Wikipedia; some recent drafts that may be of interest on that note include:

Posted by jakob at Sat Oct 29 14:14:15 2005
The link to "Arguments Among Friends: the Wikipedia" is broken.

Posted by Trackback from Wikimetrics at Sat Oct 29 14:34:52 2005
Before I stumbled upon Fabio Vitali and Angelo Di Iorio I thought that hypermedia research community (remeber Xanadu?) is ignoring wikis. They published several papers about IsaWiki, a WYSIWYG-wiki. Some weeks ago Joseph Reagle wrote about Neutrality i...

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