Counter Speech





directed at whom? Aim? Who is doing it? How are they doing it?
speaker change norms target humor/parity
target raise awareness bystanders who know target “fact” checking
community support target unknown bystanders call for retribution/harassment
public educate organizations sharing personal experiences
mock government compassion and “killing with kindness”
challenge media “fuck you”

What are the (intended and unintended) effects? How do we measure success?


Example directed at aim origin tactics platforms effects
#KillAllMuslimes after Charlie Hebdo massacre community/public change norms unknown bystanders positive parity twitter ongoing/change the conversation
U.S. State Department tweeting at potential terrorists community/public/speaker educate/change norms government fax twitter ongoing
Video song response to UCLA students anti-Asian rant speaker/public mock unknown bystanders/target humor YouTube public apology/solidarity
Ijeoma Olvo engaging racist troll on MLK Junior day speaker educate/connect/understand unknown bystanders/media compassion twitter apology/change to speakers mind
everyday sexism in the UK community/public change norms targets documentation website/Facebook build community and awareness
let love happen photograph public change norms bystanders who know the target parity online backfired/target accused of blasphemy
Dickwolves (comic ’s casual use of rape) speakers challenge unknown bystanders/targets personal appeals website/online silenced hate speech
#YesAllWomen public raise awareness bystanders sharing personal experiences Twitter ongoing / change the conversation
(#direnkahkaha) #resistlaughter speaker (political figure) in Turkey mock/challenge/protest bystanders who know speaker humor/parity (women post their own laughing photos) Twitter build awareness / solidarity
Wiki-storming and edit-a-thon public/community change norms/educate organizations facts/documentation Wikipedia ongoing/varies
#SırtımızıDönüyoruz (#weturnourbacks) Turkey speaker (president of Turkey) challenge and protest targets (women from a political view)/feminists/Kurds passive resistance (turning backs to the president and public and photos of turned backs online) twitter/political campaign of the protest (street) build community and awareness/president responded with hate speech