Joseph Reagle



Pie can only be split Integrative
Pie (or orange) can be grown Mixed-motive
Combination of above


Gain all you can Accommodating
Yield all you can Avoiding
Stay out of negotiation Compromise
Split the difference Collaborative
Enlarge pie and then divide

Price points


Oscar vs Angela

Competitive tactics

Cooperative tactics

Why is cooperating hard?

ex. PD Game

PD explanation

Why is cooperating worthwhile?

ex. Negotiation game

Cognitive biases

Reactive devaluation

A proposal is worth less when it comes from one’s opponent.

Prospect theory

People assign value based on gains and losses, relative to some frame, rather than final outcomes; so the same (expected utility) scenario is reacted to differently (Kahneman and Tversky 1979).

People do not follow expected value and tend to be risk-averse in gain, and risk-seeking in loss. This is relevant to international conflict, as well as negotiation.

Other games

Concluding questions?