Joseph Reagle

Dunbar (2004)


“God-sibs,” a peer group equivalent of godparents, or those especially close (Dunbar2004gbe, p. 100)



Dunbar’s number


Public goods


  1. non-excludable (can’t limit others consumption)
  2. non-rivalrous (there consumption doesn’t affect yours)


Have no incentive to contribute to public good; they are defectors and non-reciprocators.

egs PG and FR??

Public goods game

  1. Four volunteers?
  2. You each are given 10 points
  3. You may contribute as many points as you want in the pot; which will be doubled; and then divided among all four.


Round A B C D Total Pay-out

Role of gossip

Gossip can help punish free riders

Positives and negatives?

Kurland and Pelled (2000)

ex. Example purposeful skimming

  • What is being claimed?
  • What is the relationship between?
  • What does positive gossip affect?
  • What does negative gossip affect?
  • What other factors mediate the relationship?
  • Any tricky concepts?

In 79 words

Posits a relation between positive and negative gossip (“informal and evaluative talk”) and power (reward, coercive, expert, referent). Positive gossip enhances: reward, expert, and referent (until it backfires). Negative gossip enhances: coercive, expert, and referent (until it backfires). This relationship is greater based on the features of credibility and work-relatedness. Contextual factors also moderate the relationship. Relationship quality moderates negative->coercive and enhances positive->reward. An organizational culture that discourages informal communication will result in a weaker relationship and vice versa. (KurlandPelled 2000)

egs of propositions??

  1. I will count out ten (1..4a,4b..10)
  2. Write down an example of your proposition (~3 minutes)
  3. You might compare notes with others of your number
  4. Share with class

Concluding questions?