Bloomberg’s bullpen

Bloomberg’s “bullpen”

Julian Treasure on Sound




I’ve never seen a building that promoted collaboration and creativity as well as this one

“I’ve never seen a building that promoted collaboration and creativity as well as this one”


But because Jobs was fanatic about these unplanned collaborations, he envisioned a campus where these encounters could take place, and his design included a great atrium space that acts as a central hub for the campus. (Searer)


a hidden speakeasy known as the Lucky 7 Lounge



While conversations are frequent in open offices, they tend to be short and superficial because there are so many others listening.


The participants who’d been treated to a quiet work setting kept plugging away at the puzzles, while the subjects who’d endured the noisy conditions gave up after fewer attempts. (Paul)


participants who requested help with a task performed better, while those who supplied assistance did worse.


decline of 5 percent to 10 percent on the performance of cognitive tasks requiring efficient use of short-term memory, like reading, writing and other forms of creative work (Tierney)

set aside a block of time each day when they are not to be disturbed. In order to minimize cognitive load, this period should last for a while – on the order of several hours. (Paul)


Absorbing and remembering new information is best done with the music off…

music can improve performance: when a well-practiced expert needs to achieve the relaxed focus necessary to execute a job he’s done many times before (Paul)


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Design exercise


Green Spring Plantation survey after 1933

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