Organizational culture

Joseph Reagle

Schein’s failures


  • they expected strong push-back; so recommendations for politeness weren’t helpful; but meeting tools were


  • managers were be presumed to be experts of their “turf,” hence no need to speak with other managers; hence he should’ve sent memo himself to all managers


  • different people had different meeting experiences; he had to adapt to group members


  • members would not rat each other out, but were open to learning new environmental and safety procedures


Models of culture

Schein’s take:


Functional definition

  1. Shared basic assumptions that are
  2. invented, discovered, or developed by a group as it
  3. learns to cope with its problems in ways that
  4. have worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore,
  5. can be taught to new members (socialization; enculturation) as the
  6. correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to these problems.

Socialization and enculturation

eg: Socialization / enculturation in college??

Levels of culture

Three levels


The tangible and physical features of an organization. For example:


Class vs Prof!

Watch “The Office” and call out features of organizational culture.

  1. artifacts
    • heroes and heroines
    • metaphors
    • performances
    • rituals
    • stories
  2. espoused beliefs/values
  3. basic assumptions

The Office: “Survivorman”