Zen of Groups II

Joseph Reagle

Hofstede review

National dimensions

You loose power, uncertain which individual has flashlight. It could be your masculine or feminine sibling. Turns out it was your sister, but only for the short term because you are indulgent and take it for yourself.

Organizational dimensions

In the Process of getting a Job be Professional: Open doors, don’t wear Tight clothing, and be Pragmatic.

Zen of Groups

Band Meeting



ex. Synergy

Describe a scenario that exhibits most of the “Signposts to Group Synergy”


ex. Prepare for first meeting

  1. In your group complete preparation checklist (p. 66)
  2. As part of agenda, include appropriate tools from the toolkit (e.g., agenda and priorities, first session, starting, speaking and listening).
  3. Consider how you’ll address roles, conflict, and accountability.