Power distance

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Power distance

Hofstede on Power Distance

Mulder vs Hofstede

The degree of inequality in power between a less powerful individual and a more powerful other… (Mulder 1977)

the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations with in a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally. (Hofstede 1997)

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Cultural theory


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Mitigated speech

Power distance

Communication orientation



Culturalism is the unwarranted impulse to explain people’s behavior with a “cultural difference”, whether real or imagined. (Tk 2013)

No sane person would be willing to die for the sake of keeping up with manners–yet that is precisely what Malcolm Gladwell would have you believe about the 75 million Koreans around the world. (Tk 2013)

But would someone hesitate to speak up when faced with a potentially dangerous situation (which occur frequently) that just happens to prove fatal?

Igon Value Problem

When a writer’s education on the topic consists of interviewing an expert he is apt to generalizations that are banal, obtuse, or flat wrong. (Tk 2013)


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Under what circumstances is it appropriate to make a cultural argument?