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The largest armed conflict ever.  It had its beginnings in 
[[Japan]]'s invasion of [[China]] ([[Sino-Japanese War]]) in the 1930s and [[Germany]]'s invasion of [[Poland]] on 1st [[September]] 1939, as well as the invasions of [[Estonia]], [[Latvia]], [[Lithuania]], [[Poland]], and [[Finland]] by the [[Soviet Union]], also in 1939.

On June 22, 1941, [[Germany]] invaded [[Russia]], ending a two year alliance between the two countries.

On December 7, 1941, [[Japan]] attacked the American naval base at [[Pearl Harbor]], bringing the [[United States]] into the war.  Japan then invaded numerous [[Pacific Islands]] and countries in Southeast Asia.  Germany declared war on the United States shortly after Pearl Harbor.

The combatants after 1941 were:
 *Allied powers
 [[United Kingdom]]
 [[United States]]

 *Axis powers

It ended in 1945 with the defeat of the Axis powers.

 *Major battles of World War Two
 [[/Pearl Harbor]]
 [[/Battle of the Atlantic]]
 [[/Leyte Gulf]]

 *Major figures of World War Two
 [[Dwight Eisenhower]]
 [[Douglas MacArthur]]
 [[Chester Nimitz]]
 [[George Patton]]
 [[Franklin Roosevelt]]
 [[Winston Chruchill]]
 [[Benito Mussolini]]
 [[Charles DeGaulle]]
 [[Adolph Hitler]]
 [[Chiang Kai-Shek]]
 [[Josph Stalin]]
 [[Hideki Tojo]]

[[WW II]] and [[WWII]] are abbreviations of World War II.

See also: [[World War I]]

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