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Woody Allen was born on December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn, NYC as Stewart Allen Konigsberg. His parents Martin and Nettie lived in Flatbush, where he attended a Hebrew school for eight years. After that, he went to Public Shool 99 and then to Midwood High, where "Red", as he was called for his distinctive red hair impressed students with his extraordinary talent for card games. To raise some money, he began writing gags for the agency David O. Alber, who sold them to newspaper columnists. With sixteen years, he started writing for show stars like [[Sid Cesar]] and started calling himself Woody Allen.
After school, he went to New York University, where he took Communication Arts Course, but soon dropped out. With nineteen, he married Harlene Rosen and he started writing scripts for [[The Ed Sullivan Show]], [[The Tonight Show]] and others. In 1957, he won hs first Emmy Award, roughly at the same time, he divorced Harlene.
He started writing prose and plays, and in 1960, he started a new carreer as a stand up comedian. It went horribly wrong, but together with his managers he turned his weaknesses into his strengths and developed the neurotic, nervous and shy figure we all know from his later movies.

His first movie production was "What's New, Pussycat?" in 1965, the first movie he directed was [[Take The Money and Run]] (1969), some of his early films include [[Bananas]], [[Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex]], [[Sleeper]], and [[Love and Death]]. They mainly relied on slapstick and one-liners, with 1976's [[Annie Hall]], he turned to more sophisticated humor (the movie won four Academy Awards), and even did some serious dramas, like [[Interiors]]. His most successful movies were the New York trilogy ([[Annie Hall]], [[Manhattan]] and [[Stardust Memories]]). In the 1980ies, his movies are compared to Russian and Polish films, most of his comedies now have sad ends, like [[The Purple Rose of Cairo]], his dramas, like [[September]] are often said to imitate European Auteurs, most of all [[Ingmar Bergmann]]. In the 1990ies, he returns to lighter movies, and to Happy Ends ([[Bullets Over Broadway]], [[Everyone Says I love You]], and others). In 1992, there was much upheaval when he divorced Mia Farrow, after she discovered his secret affair with their adopted daughter, Soon Yi. Farrow accused him of being a pedophile and of abusing their seven year old daughter Dylan. None of that prooved true, but made Woody Allen disappear from the screen for a while and stimulated mcuh interpretation of his later movies, especially of [[Husbands and Wives]] which describes how the crises of a long-married couple, with Farrow and Allen in the main roles (the movie was shot prior to the divorce). 
Woody Allen continues his successful carreer to the present day, his recent movies include [[Small Time Crooks]] and [[Celebrity]].