Wikipedia 10K Redux by Reagle from Starling archive. Bugs abound!!!

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Who is responsible for these pages?  Everyone!  This is a collaborative endeavor.  Dozens of people have contributed to different parts of this website, and anyone ''can'' do so.  All you need to know is HowDoesOneEditaPage.

You can learn who is responsible for the most recent versions of any given page by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "View other revisions" link you'll find there.----'''Q.''' Then why does at least one originator of many pages on a particular subject have a link to his wikipedia page on all the pages he began? And further that page has a link to his consulting services? And why do I have to remove his link from pages I wrote on this topic? AnonymousCoward

'''A.''' I believe you'll have to ask that person.  That person should also understand that others are quite free to go in and make whatever changes they deem necessary.----
But by putting your name on an entry, as a link to your wiki page, on all the pages you began, you are in a sense declaring authorship. This to me, defeats the purpose of a Wiki, which is a collaborative effort. So I make corrections and leave his name-link on the pages. Same AnonymousCoward.
But I am not happy!!!
I think that once you make a significant change to a page, you can feel free to remove the originator's name.  He will have no grounds for complaint, for just the reasons you state.